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Star Crimp

Extended Crimped Metallic Core for String Wound Filter

Extended cores are traditionally used for double-open-end style filters when filter users wish to eliminate the use of a housing “V-post”.  V-posts serve to hold filters upright and straight in a filter housing but can sometimes create difficulties for operators during installation and removal of the filters. In such situations filter users will remove the housing V-posts and opt to use filters with extended crimped cores.

Extended cores for string wound filters with metallic cores are generally created by string wound filter companies in one of three ways:

  1. Pre-ordering the longer cores as pre-crimped. This can sometimes result in longer lead times
  2. Inserting “extenders.” This can sometimes result in higher prices.
  3. Using longer cores and crimping them in-house. Before the advent of the Star Crimp, this could result in filters that were more difficult to install.

The Star Crimp process provides a reliable extended core that fits snugly into the filter housing and enables the filter to stand up straight. This facilitates hold-down plate location and lid closure. The snug, springy fit enables the operator to feel a slight “snap” –providing tactile-reassurance of excellent filter installation. Multiple discreet points of contact of the extended core, instead of continuous contact, helps to prevent the core from getting stuck in the filter housing (such as upon the formation of precipitates or hardened product).

Features and Benefits

  • Straight core extender – Easy to install
  • Snug fit – Filter doesn’t flop over
  • Snaps in place – Provides tactile re-assurance
  • Crimped in-house– Excellent Lead Times
  • Multiple discreet points of contact – Prevents stuck filters
  • Proprietary process – Economical filters

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