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An Interview with George Santin, President of Fluid Transfer Technology, Inc.

In the following interview, George Santin, President of Fluid Transfer Technology discusses how treating produced water with string wound filters from Delta Pure Filtration protects pumps and prevents costly injection well workovers (acid treatments).


George Santin, Presidentof Fluid Transfer Technology, Inc.

Tell us a little about your business – what does your company do and who are your customers?

  • We specialize in selling and repairing Plunger Pumps as well as their parts. We also distribute equipment and supplies associated with a Plunger Pump setup such as filters.

Please describe the industry and application where you have had success?

  • We do have customers in the Steel, Waterblasting, Power & Utilities, Chemical, Resin and Food industries, however, we currently are having the most success with filters in the Oil & Gas industry. The Oil & Gas industry utilizes injection wells to dispose of the brine that is used in drilling as well as the result of the drilling for oil and gas.

What was the customer’s problem – or what problem is being prevented by use of Delta Pure filters?

  • The Delta Pure filters prevent particulate matter from getting into the Plunger Pumps. Major damage can be done to the pumps if particles make their way into the fluid end of the pump. Not only can fluid end parts be broken but the interior of the fluid end may sustain damage which can then cause issues to the power end of the pump. Delta Pure filters also absorb chemicals and impurities from the brine to prevent buildup in the downhole pipe.

What Delta Pure Filters are being used?

Where in the customer’s process are the filters being used – can you describe what is upstream and downstream of the filters?

  • Delta Pure filters are normally downstream of the brine holding tanks and charge pumps which may be used to push the brine through the pipe. The filters are upstream of flowmeters and the Plunger Pump setup which may include accumulators and suction stabilizers. All of the equipment downstream of the filters needs protected from particles and chemicals.

What improvements / cost savings etc. does the customer see after buying Delta Pure filters from you?

  • Our customers see significant reductions in repairs to equipment downstream of the Delta Pure filters. Also, they rarely have to perform an acid treatment to their downhole pipe. Acid treatments are very expensive and done to clean out buildup on the downhole pipe.

What would we be surprised to learn about the company?

  • People might be surprised to learn how many different industries and businesses we serve and that we can repair most any breakdown a Plunger Pump may have.