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Delta Pure Filtration manufactures string wound filters, carbon filters, melt blown filters and other cartridge filters for water and various liquids.

Please select a state to find a Delta Pure US authorized distributor that serves your area.

Alabama Authorized Distributors

Olds Filtration

Daphne, AL

Email: hayden@oldsfiltration.com

Phone: 251-626-9492

Southern Filters Inc.

Birmingham, AL

Territory Covered: AL, MS


Phone: 205-223-3938

Total Filtration Services

Birmingham, AL

Phone: 205-592-6888

Fax: 205-592-6889

Arkansas Authorized Distributors

Jack T. Carter Co., Inc.

Rogers, AK

Email: customerservice@jcarterco.com

Phone: 888-747-4420

Jack T. Carter

Rogers, AK

Email: joy@jcarterco.com

Phone: 479-666-5463

Connecticut Authorized Distributors

D & D Filtration

Kensington, CT

Email: sales@danddfiltration.com

Phone: 860-829-3690


North haven, CT

Email: lockwood41@sbcglobal.net

Phone: 203-239-1468

MSC Filtration Tech.

Enfield, CT

Email: ses@mscfiltertech.com

Phone: 860-745-7475

Delaware Authorized Distributors

DFC Industries

New Castle, DE

Email: jbuckworth@dfcind.org

Phone: 302-326-3950

District of Columbia (DC) Authorized Distributors

Armstrong Filtration

Winchester, VA

Email: armfiltr@visuallink.com

Phone: 540-662-3221

Florida Authorized Distributors
ATS Industries, Inc.

Safety Harbor, FL

Email: atsind@msn.com

Phone: 727-725-4560

Gulf Breeze Filter

Osprey, FL

Email: sales@gulfbreezefilter.com

Phone: 941-488-7070

Darrell Hanna & Associates, Inc.

Doctors Inlet, FL

Email: sales@dhafilter.com

Phone: 1-800-454-2662

Georgia Authorized Distributors

Southern Industrial Filtration, Inc.

Loganville GA. 30052

Email: macmcdonald.sif@gmail.com

Phone: 770-728-0021

JB Systems

Lagrange, GA

Email: pam@jbsystemsusa.com

Phone: 706-884-3006

Illinois Authorized Distributors

Infinity Products, Inc.

Evanston, IL

Email: sales@infinityproducts.us

Phone: 888-891-0005

Rep Sales, Inc.

Olney, IL

Oil & Gas Industry

Territory Covered: IL, IN, KY, OH, PA, WV, MI

Email: vicki@repsales.net

Phone: 618-395-1115

Mid-States Engineering & Sales

Downers Grove, IL

Email: lgage@midstates.biz

Phone: 262-392-9589

Indiana Authorized Distributors

Process Heat & Controls

Franklin, IN

Email: heatoptions@msn.com

Phone: 317-736-0440

Kansas Authorized Distributors

CLARCOR Air Filtration Products

Ottawa, KS

Email: ati@ati-filters.com

Phone: 800-624-8739

Kentucky Authorized Distributors

W.T. Meyer Co.

Louisville, KY

Email: tmeyerco@att.net

Phone: 502-425-3744

Louisiana Authorized Distributors

Fabricated Filters

St. Rose, LA

Email: sdematteo@nfm-filter.com

Maine Authorized Distributors

AIM Filtration 

Email: aimfilt@filters-cartridges.com

Phone: 1.800.678.3151

Maryland Authorized Distributors

Coastal Filtration, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Email: coastalfil@aol.com

Phone: 410-494-1881

Sexton & Peake, Inc.

Columbia, MD

Territory Covered: MD, DE, PA, VA, WV, NC, SC, NJ, DC

Email: sp4filter@aol.com

Phone: 410-309-1900

Filtration Inc.

Forest Hill, MD

Territory Covered: MD, DE, DC

Email: jwl7543@aol.com

Phone: 410-838-3487

Massachusetts Authorized Distributors

H. A. Wilson Company

Lexington, MA

Territory Covered: New England

Email: info@hawilsonco.com

Phone: 781-861-8000

AIM Filtration 

Email: aimfilt@filters-cartridges.com

Phone: 1.800.678.3151

Filter Sales & Service

Burlington, MA

Email: rcrimble@filtersales.com

Phone: 781-418-0228

Michigan Authorized Distributors
Chemquip Co., Inc.

Grand Rapids, MI

Email: lisa@chemquipco.com

Phone: 800-452-7077


Auburn Hills, MI


Phone: 1-800-331-3118

Fax: 1-248-0377-4003

Filter Engineering Corporation

Sterling Heights, MI

Email: sales@filterengineering.com

Phone: 586-268-7300

Bennett Filtration Products

Detroit, MI

Email: kselonke@glennbennetcorp.com

Phone: 313-875-7795

Main Filter Supply

Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Email: weirj@filters.org

Minnesota Authorized Distributors

C. Emery Nelson, Inc.

Hamel, MN

Email: danl@cemerynelson.com

Phone: 763-420-3844

Mississippi Authorized Distributors

National Filter Media

Olive Branch, MS

Email: sreynolds@nfm-filter.com

Phone: 662-895-4660

Missouri Authorized Distributors


East Lynne, MO

Email: customerservice@fpfilters.com

Phone: 816-869-3201

Montana Authorized Distributors

Flowmark High Tech

Billings, MT

Email: info@flowmarkhightech.com

Phone: 800-939-3754

New Hampshire Authorized Distributors

AIM Filtration Systems

Tilton, NH

Email: aimfilt@filter-cartridges.com

Phone: 603-286-3151

New Jersey Authorized Distributor

American Filter & Tank Company

Midland Park, NJ

Email: j.spanedda@american-filter.com

Phone: 201-857-5056

Alliance Group

Wayne, NJ

Email: rgannonalliance@aol.com

Phone: 973-839-5930

Faber Industrial Technologies

Clifton, NJ

Email: info@faberinc.com

New York Authorized Distributors
Filtersource.com, Inc.

Hamburg, NY

Territory Covered: NY, New England

Email: glenn@filtersource.com

Phone: 716-649-2326

Aftek Inc.

Rochester, NY

Email: Mike@aftekfilters.com

Phone: 1-800-240-5366

Trumpler-Clancy Inc.

Hamburg, NY

Email: karen@trumplerclancy.com

Phone: 888-825-2629

Chemical Distributors, Incorporated

Buffalo, NY

Email: sales@cdibuffalo.com

Phone: 800-777-2436

North Carolina Authorized Distributors

Westco Filters

Charlotte, NC

Email: jeff@westcofilters.com

Phone: 1-800-633-3831

Applied Process Solutions

Charlotte, NC

Territory Covered: NC, SC, Southern VA

Email: aps@carolina.rr.com

Phone: 704-595-9412

North Dakota Authorized Distributors
Ohio Authorized Distributors

Barney Corp.

Hilliard, OH

Email: kha@filter.com

Phone: 1-800-815-4583

Harrington Industrial Plastics

Westerville, OH

Email: tnunez@hipco.com

Phone: 614-433-0722

Fluid Transfer Technology, Inc.

Norton, Ohio

Email: mtokes@fttipumpparts.com

Phone: 330-666-9646

Chemical Distributors, Incorporated

North Olmsted, Ohio

Email: sales@cdibuffalo.com

Tim Kerchenski

Phone: 440.502.0822

Toll free: 800-777-2436

Pennsylvania Authorized Distributors

Sanjay Marketing Group

Lebanon, PA

Territory Covered: PA, NJ, DE, MD

Email: jejsnyd@aol.com

Phone: 717-507-2873

Precision Filtration Products

Pennsburg, PA

Email: john@precisionfiltration.com

Phone: 215-234-8341

Filtech Inc.

West Homestead, PA

Email: pevans@filtechinc.com

Phone: 800-269-2540

Waco Filters

Norristown, PA

Email: mhoffmaster@wacofilters.com

Phone: 610-630-4800

South Carolina Authorized Distributors

Filtration Solutions

Lake Willie, SC

Email: robbie@filtrationsolutions.com

Phone: 803-831-8379

Tennessee Authorized Distributors

Latco Inc.

Shelbyville, TN

Territory Covered: AK, MS, GA, MI, TX, TN

Email: bbowen@latco.com

Phone: 931-684-8104

B&B Filters

Dayton, TN

Email: bbfil@charter.net

Phone: 423-775-2932

Vermont Authorized Distributors

AIM Filtration 

Email: aimfilt@filters-cartridges.com

Phone: 1.800.678.3151

Virginia Authorized Distributors

Armstrong Filtration

Winchester, VA

Email: armfiltr@visuallink.com

Phone: 540-662-3221

Air Filters Inc.

Richmond, VA

Email: sales@airfiltersinc.com

Phone: 800-242-8132

Stephen King & Assoc. Inc.

Rocky Mount, VA

Email: joni@king-filters.com

Phone: 540-483-9230

Greenleaf Filtration

Powhatan, VA

Email: joe@glffilters.com

Phone: 804-378-7744

PBE, Inc.

Richmond, VA

Territory Covered: VA

Email: rlamoree@pbe-usa.com

Phone: 804-323-3519

Filter Products

Richmond, VA

Email: dschumman@fpcfilters.com

Phone: 804-231-4646

Tri-Dim Filter

Louisa, VA

Email: purchasing-desk@tridim.com

West Virginia Authorized Distributors

Filtersource, Inc.

Kingwood, WV

Territory Covered: WV, OH, PA VA, MD, KY

Email: luvfilters@aol.com

Phone: 304-329-1100

If you are interested in becoming a distributor please contact Todd Furbee at tfurbee@deltapure.com

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"I've been doing business with Delta Pure for many years and you will find that all of the people there are real stand up folk."

- Marshall B.

“Delta Pure has been one of my manufacturers that will drop everything to help my customers out of a bind. I have called them at the drop of a hat to do an emergency order and no matter how small or large the order has been they have always come through for me and my customers. Delta Pure has been available to me days, nights and weekends, almost without fail. We have been able to offer our customers the DP product as a replacement / alternate for manufacturers that our customers have been set on for years and the DP filter has been tested and approved by many of our major customers across the USA.

We appreciate their ability to work with us on customizing filters and their dedication to customer service that I find so lacking in some of the manufacturers in our industry in today’s world. Donna and Steve are always willing to jump right in with both feel to assist in a resolution to issues that come up – even on Friday at 4:45PM.”

“Over the last few months the team at Delta Pure has been truly jumping through hoops to supply desperately needed string-wound filters to our customers. I can tell you that this dedication to excellence has enabled us to drive sales deeper and wider into these accounts and engendered total trust from our contacts.. When we sell your products to our customers we stand behind the Delta Pure name and I can tell you that this is easy to do as your outstanding reputation is well-deserved.

Thank you again for the hard work and late hours your team has put in to make our joint efforts count when it’s most needed in the plant.”

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