"I've been doing business with Delta Pure for many years and you will find that all of the people there are real stand up folk." ~ Marshall B.
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Featured Products

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  • HC Series High Capacity Wound Filter Cartridges
    Delta Pure HC “high capacity” series string wound filter cartridges provide excellent filtration for fluids with a wide particle size distribution. The HC series filters are wound with two zones in order to provide longer filter life with challenging fluids.
  • FUSION™ DWMC Series Wound / Melt Blown Filter Cartridges
    The New FUSION™ DWMC Series Liquid Filters from Delta Pure Filtration feature “Melt Blown media on the inside for confidence, and Precision String Wound media on the outside for performance.”
  • EcoWoundTM economical, string wound filters
    ecowound string wound filter | Delta Pure string wound filtersDelta Pure Filtration, an established (30+ years) USA high-capacity manufacturer of string wound and other filters, is helping producers to meet cost reduction challenges by producing the EcoWound™ filter, a highly-effective filter with recycled* fibers.
  • DHF Series: Multi-pleat High flow water and liquid filter catridges
    Delta Pure DHF High Flow Filter cartridges process up to 500 GPM (1900 lpm) per filter. Several DHF filtres can be installed in a Delta Pure HFH series housing to purify thousands of GPM of water or process liquid. The Delta Pure High Flow Filter cartridge provide excellent economics and highly efficient (99.98%) removal of designated contaminants.
  • HFH Series: High flow liquid housings
    These quality filter vessels, optionally available to ASME Section VIII Div 1 (U Stamp) and other standards, are available in CS, 304SS, 316SS and can even be made in nickel alloys. They are available in single-round and multi-round configurations, and in both horizontal and vertical orientations.
    The combination of Delta Pure DHF High Flow filters and a HFH High Flow filter housing enables smaller-diameter filter vessels, lower capital cost, and reduced filter change-out expense, as compared to assemblies using typical 2 ¾” (70 mm) diameter filter cartridges.