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eNewsletter April 2011: featuring carbon filters

Featured Product

BCV Series Band Clamp Vessel

Delta Pure is pleased to announce the addition of the BCV series filter band clamp vessels to our expanding selection of quality filtration products. The BCV multi-round band-clamp cartridge vessels are highly economical solutions for industrial and commercial filtration applications.

Complete stainless steel construction and various o-ring materials provide high chemical compatibility and a long service life. With various sizes ranging from 10” to 40” lengths and 4 to 22 element capacities we can provide the exact vessel specifications your fluid process requires. In addition, inlet and outlet ports are available in several configurations ensuring the vessel integrates seamlessly into existing pipe-work. The self-centering band clamp and single o-ring design allows for fast and easy cartridge change-outs.

Click here for more information and complete specifications on this exciting new product.

Featured Application

DCB Series filter cartridges improve the taste and eliminate odor of packaged salads.

A Delta Pure customer uses process water to rinse lettuce prior to being retail packaged. However, despite using sediment filtration to treat their water, undesirable odors were detected in the product upon opening the packaging. Naturally, this is a major concern in a food product intended for retail sale. To combat the problem Delta Pure recommended the use of our DCB series carbon/sediment combo filter. This filter combines an activated carbon block core, which naturally reduces bad taste and odor, with a string-wound outer layer for sediment reduction. Many traditionally filtration processes use separate sediment and carbon filters which require additional housings, piping and cartridges. By utilizing the DCB series our customer was able to change out just one filter, eliminate the bad odor, retain the sediment reduction, and save time and money over implementing a more complicated system.

What We’ve Been Up To

Delta Pure Expands Market Presence Following Business Development Mission to Saudi Arabia

Delta Pure Filtration, located in Ashland, Virginia, manufactures string wound and other cartridge filters and filtration systems for filtration of water along with various other process fluids. The company has been doing business internationally for several years and had one long standing customer in Saudi Arabia. Delta Pure recognized Saudi Arabia as a market with significant growth potential for filtration products but required assistance in developing a sound entry strategy to begin pursuing business opportunities in the Kingdom.

Delta Pure began working with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), with whom the U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council (USSABC) held a state partnership agreement and serves as the Authorized Trade Representative for Saudi Arabia. Through the VEDP, the Business Council provided Delta Pure with services such as In-Country Partnership Screening and Analysis. After identifying several potential clients, J. Todd Furbee, President of Delta Pure Filtration, elected to participate in a business development mission to the Kingdom, co-organized by the USSABC and VEDP in December 2010.

According to Mr. Furbee, “the USSABC assisted with all the travel arrangements and provided pre-visit information that was extremely helpful to someone who has never visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia like me. The USSABC did the market research to identify potential partners for Delta Pure and set up the appointments with these potential partners. This would have not been possible on our own due to our limited market knowledge and contacts in the Kingdom.”
Upon arrival in Riyadh, the mission delegation received an in-depth economic briefing from investment firm Riyad Capital, as well as a legal briefing on doing business in Saudi Arabia from Al Enazee Legal Counsel. Delta Pure learned about the wealth of business opportunities in the water filtration industry, stemming from the Saudi Government’s $13.5 billion infrastructure program in 2011.

Saudi Arabia has very little natural potable water and most of the water has to be produced from sea water or deep wells. Producing polypropylene wound and melt blown cartridge filters widely used in Saudi Arabia’s reverse osmosis desalination plants, Delta Pure is in prime position to tap into investment opportunities within the market. In addition, Saudi Arabia is diversifying it’s economy into industries such as petrochemical, plastics and food and beverage which are all targeted markets for Delta Pure’s string wound filtration products.

In the subsequent days of the business development mission, Delta Pure met with several quality firms who were potential users, original equipment manufacturers, or distributors/agents. Mr. Furbee noted that he was impressed with the knowledge shared and the enthusiasm shown for the products on the part of potential Saudi customers. Delta Pure also had the opportunity to meet with their long-standing customer in Riyadh to discuss additional applications where Delta Pure’s filters could be utilized in the Saudi market.

The company’s biggest success came through the valuable network of contacts developed throughout the course of the mission. Delta Pure was referred to one of the largest and most reputable residential water systems companies in Saudi Arabia. After meeting at length with the Saudi company, Delta Pure secured one of its largest filtration orders and subsequently established a new customer in a market where the company had no presence previously.

“I very much enjoyed my trip to Saudi Arabia and the hospitality I received,” noted Mr. Furbee. “We established three new customers as a result and I look forward to visiting Saudi Arabia again soon. The USSABC and VEDP were essential to Delta Pure’s success and have given us the confidence to pursue additional international opportunities.”
Delta Pure Filtration is dedicated to providing quality, reliable filtration solutions. The company has been manufacturing string wound cartridge filters in Virginia since 1983 and continues to expand its engineering and production capabilities.