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FF Series: The Perfect Size Filter for Many Applications With a Wide Range of Cartridge Options 

The FF Series Filtration System consists of a durable FFH stainless steel filter housing and various FFC high capacity filter cartridges. The FF Series System provides a compact, simple and economical system for filtration of water and various liquids.

Meet Duane Carpenter 

We recently had the opportunity to learn more about Duane. Here’s what we found out:
Tell us a little about what you do at Delta Pure?   
I manage the planning, organizing, and control overall production to ensure that products are produced efficiently, on time, within budget, and meet quality standards. We are currently in the process of obtaining our ISO 9001 Quality Certification. 

Meet Steve McCurry, Our New Customer Service Manager 

We recently had the opportunity to learn more about Steve. Here’s what we found out:
Tell us a little about what you do at Delta Pure?   
I am currently the liaison between Delta Pure and our customers. I will be growing into the role, as I become more knowledgeable, to help direct our customers to products that suit their needs and budgets.

Star Crimp: Extended Crimped Metallic Core for String Wound Filters

Extended cores are traditionally used for double-open-end style filters when filter users wish to eliminate the use of a housing “V-post”. V-posts serve to hold filters upright and straight in a filter housing but can sometimes create difficulties for operators during installation and removal of the filters. In such situations filter users will remove the housing V-posts and opt to use filters with extended crimped cores.

The 2017 AFS Spring Conference was a Success!

We were honored to participate in the AFS Spring Conference in Louisville, KY last month.  We had the opportunity to make new friends, gather fresh ideas, and even receive the

2016 New Product of the Year – honorable mention 

New RFC Style Filters

Our new RFC style filter has found applications in electro-plating for removing organics from plating solutions, and in drinking water filtration for reducing “CTO” or chlorine, taste and odor.  For electroplating, we have an anthracite based activated carbon, and for drinking water customers we recommend a coconut carbon based GAC (granular activated carbon).  We can also place other media in these filters for removing or reducing targeted contaminants.

What is a Radial Flow Filter?

Whereas our GAC style filter uses “full flow” or longitudinal flow where the fluid saunters through a packed bed, traveling the full length of the filter cartridge from bottom to top (or one end to the other), our RFC filter uses a radial flow format where the fluid zips through the side walls of the filter, through the carbon or other medium, and then through the center core. (See figure.)   The benefits of a full-flow filter are bigger bed volume, greater residence time of the fluid in the carbon, more-thorough removal of contaminants and longer life of the medium.  The benefits of radial flow are greater flow rate with lower pressure drop, sufficient removal of contaminants for the applications in which the filter has been qualified, and higher recirculation rates in recirculating baths.

Whereas filters used in single pass applications must often remove as much contaminant as possible in a single pass (where the fluid makes only one trip through a filter), filters used in recirculating baths can often provide an enhanced benefit when they permit a higher recirculation rate. 100% removal in a single pass is usually not as important in many plating and electronics applications, because the baths used in these processes are cleaned-up by virtue of recirculation through a filter that permits high flow rates.