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August 2019 Newsletter

Featured Article: Delta Pure’s PPA Cartridges

Delta Pure’s PPA Cartridges are designed for use in most applications where absolute rated pleated filtration is required.

June 2019 Newsletter

Featured Article: Expansion Complete

It took longer than we anticipated and cost more than we budgeted, but the facility expansion is done! 

March 2019 Newsletter

Featured Article: Meet Jay Duff-Robinson!

We recently added Jay Robinson-Duff to our team to  oversee quality management at Delta Pure. Learn more about Jay here. 

January 2019 Newsletter

Featured Article: Delta Pure is Expanding!

We are excited to announce that we are adding more production/warehouse space to our existing building along with constructing a new building for administration and R&D.

November 2018 Newsletter

Featured Article: Meet Bill Rhoney, Delta Pure’s Quality Manager

My current role as Quality Manager involves leading and growing our Quality Manufacturing Processes and ISO 9001 certification.  I also strive to apply Lean Manufacturing Principles in an effort to streamline and improve our workflow production.

September 2018 Newsletter

Featured Article: Welcome Mohammed Ameenuddin!

Mr. Mohammed Ameenuddin with Wetico, Water & Environment Technologies Co. Ltd., visited the Delta Pure plant recently. Wetico located in Saudi Arabia has been a valued customer of Delta Pure for many years and it was great to have Mohammed visit. We look forward to the continued growth of our partnership. 

July 2018 Newsletter

Featured Article: Governor Northam Announces 18 New Jobs in Hanover County

Governor Ralph Northam today announced that Delta Pure Filtration, LLC, a manufacturer of cartridge filters and systems for water and various process fluids, will invest $2 million to expand its manufacturing operation in Hanover County. The company will expand their existing building to make room for more production equipment. They will also construct an additional facility on its current site for research and development, administrative services and warehouse space. Virginia successfully competed against North Carolina for the project, which will create 18 new jobs.

May 2018 Newsletter

Featured Article: Fusion DWMC Series Wound / Melt Blown Filter Cartridges

The New FUSION(TM) DWMC Series Liquid Filters from Delta Pure Filtration feature “Melt Blown media on the inside for confidence, and Precision String Wound media on the outside for performance.” By fusing melt blown and string wound technology into the same filters, Delta Pure Filtration can help customers achieve longer filter life and cleaner fluids.

March 2018 Newsletter

Featured Article: CN04 & DCB Series Carbon/Sediment Cartridges

DCB and CN04 Series cartridges are dual media cartridges which provide removal of chlorine, chemical contamination and sediment. The cartridges also improve the taste and odor of water. The CN04 utilizes an
inner carbon impregnated media and the DCB has an extruded activate carbon block center core.

January 2018 Newsletter

Featured Article: FF Series: The Perfect Size Filter for Many Applications With a Wide Range of Cartridge Options

The FF Series Filtration System consists of a durable FFH stainless steel filter housing and various FFC high capacity filter cartridges. The FF Series System provides a compact, simple and economical system for filtration of water and various liquids.

November 2017 Newsletter

Featured Article: Meet Duane Carpenter

I manage the planning, organizing, and control overall production to ensure that products are produced efficiently, on time, within budget, and meet quality standards. We are currently in the process of obtaining our ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

September 2017 Newsletter

Featured Article: Meet Steve McCurry, Our New Customer Service Manager

I am currently the liaison between Delta Pure and our customers. I will be growing into the role, as I become more knowledgeable, to help direct our customers to products that suit their needs and budgets.

July 2017 Newsletter

Featured Article: Learn More About Our UPVC Series Filter Housings

Delta Pure’s PCV-5 Series UPVC housings provide compatability with water and a wide array of chemicals without the corrosion and expense of metallic filter housings.

May 2017 Newsletter

Featured Article: The 2017 AFS Spring Conference was a Success!

We were honored to participate in the AFS Spring Conference in Louisville, KY last month. We had the opportunity to make new friends, gather fresh ideas, and even receive the 2016 New Product of the Year – honorable mention for our FF Series – “Furbee Filter” System!


"I've been doing business with Delta Pure for many years and you will find that all of the people there are real stand up folk."

- Marshall B.

“Delta Pure has been one of my manufacturers that will drop everything to help my customers out of a bind. I have called them at the drop of a hat to do an emergency order and no matter how small or large the order has been they have always come through for me and my customers. Delta Pure has been available to me days, nights and weekends, almost without fail. We have been able to offer our customers the DP product as a replacement / alternate for manufacturers that our customers have been set on for years and the DP filter has been tested and approved by many of our major customers across the USA.

We appreciate their ability to work with us on customizing filters and their dedication to customer service that I find so lacking in some of the manufacturers in our industry in today’s world. Donna and Steve are always willing to jump right in with both feel to assist in a resolution to issues that come up – even on Friday at 4:45PM.”

“Over the last few months the team at Delta Pure has been truly jumping through hoops to supply desperately needed string-wound filters to our customers. I can tell you that this dedication to excellence has enabled us to drive sales deeper and wider into these accounts and engendered total trust from our contacts.. When we sell your products to our customers we stand behind the Delta Pure name and I can tell you that this is easy to do as your outstanding reputation is well-deserved.

Thank you again for the hard work and late hours your team has put in to make our joint efforts count when it’s most needed in the plant.”

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