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Delta Pure gets involved in STEM

Our very own, Todd Furbee, President of Delta Pure Filtration participated in a program setup to help get children aged 6-18 excited about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

A little about the STEM program from www.nga.org:

“Across the country, governors and other state policymakers are coming to recognize the urgent need to dramatically increase student achievement and attainment in K–12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). These STEM fields play an increasingly critical role in ensuring states’ economic vitality and the economic growth of the nation as a whole. Regardless of the path they choose after high school graduation, all K–12 students can benefit froma rigorous and relevant STEM education.”

The program Todd was involved in included elementary school aged children in the Metro Richmond area. Each student worked on creating a water filter out of raw materials such as cotton balls, gauze and coffee filters. They collaborated in small groups to create a preliminary design and then received feedback from their teacher. Students had to take into consideration things like the cost effectiveness, speed of filtration and water quality.

Once satisfied with their filter, they presented their final designs to real-world engineers including Todd. The engineers gave additional advice and pointers on how to improve the filters even further.

The students were excited to get feedback from professional engineers – according to their teachers, “it was validating for them.”

Congratulations to the amazing students and our next generation of fluid filtration specialists!