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CFM Series Carbon Filter Cartridge

High efficient activated carbon fiber filter

Product characteristics:

  1. High efficient adsorption material — activated carbon fiber and high performance activated carbon composite.High effective removal of odor; chemical contaminants and VOC content in liquid, and better decolorization Effect.Using hollow framework as the support, multiple pre filtration design, PP filter layer or precision non-woven layer + precision activated carbon, ACF composite layer + precision non-woven layer; effectively filtering liquid suspended particles, heavy metals and harmful substances, is a multi-functional water treatment filter. It is suitable for water filtration and purification in electroplating industry high-precision electronic, food and beverage, drinking water industry filtration purification. (patent pro duct patent number: ZLZO O 6LO O 4O9Z 1.6).
  2. High chlorine removal effect,low pressure drop.
  3. Nontoxic, tasteless, acid resistant and alkali resistant.

Main specifications:

  • 10″ S 68rnm * 28mm * 250mm [254mmJ
  • 20″ d 68rnm * 28mm * 500mm [508mm]
  • 30′ S 68rnm * 28mm * 750mm (76Zmm)
  • Can be customized according to requirements

Main parameters:

  1. Filtration accuracy 5 F.
  2. working temperature 0-85 C “
  3. No leakage, no contamination of liquid”
  4. Unique bayonet connection design, the end cap will not fall off forever