"I've been doing business with Delta Pure for many years and you will find that all of the people there are real stand up folk." ~ Marshall B.
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Delta Pure Filtration began manufacturing string wound filters in1983 in Ashland, VA.  Since then, we have expanded our facility and product offering to include: carbon filters, melt blown filters, pleated filters, filter housings and filtration systems.  We are continually adding new production equipment and personnel to enhance our production capabilities.  We operate 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to ensure the best lead times in the industry.

Don’t miss out on the latest industry news, trade show information and new Delta Pure products.
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Delta Pure is a privately held company and we are committed to providing reliable solutions for our customers.  We have a Quality Assurance Program that ensures every box of filters we produce is checked by three different individuals.  Only the highest quality raw materials are used to manufacture consistent and reliable filter cartridges. Many of our production associates have over 10 years of experience with the company and take pride in the products they produce.

Delta Pure Filtration’s string wound filters and other filters are used in various industries and applications around the world. Some of these include:

•Potable Water Treatment •Desalination Pre-Filtration
•Waste Water Treatment •Chemical Processing
•Plating •Ground Water Remediation
•Food and Beverage •Oil and Gas
•Pulp and Paper •Power Generation
•Bio Fuels/Ethanol •Semi-Conductor

Delta Pure Filtration welcomes distributor inquires and request for OEM private labeling.  We look forward to discussing your string wound filters and other filter requirements and becoming your reliable filter manufacturing resource.

For more information on string wound filters carbon filters, melt blown filters and other cartridge filters for water and various liquids please contact our team at Delta Pure.