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FF Series liquid filters and housings

The FF Series Filtration System consists of a durable FFH stainless steel filter housing and various FFC high capacity filter cartridges. The FF Series System provides a compact, simple and economical system for filtration of water and various liquids.

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Delta Pure Filtration a member of the Water Quality Association and sponsor of American Filtration Separations Society

Delta Pure Filtration is a USA based manufacturer of cartridge filters for water and various liquids. Our filter cartridges are successfully used by industrial, municipal, commercial and residential customers all over the world – and we have filter cartridges certified to NSF/ANSI 61. We take pride in being a US based manufacturer and a reliable resource for our customers.

Delta Pure Filtration has been providing innovative products for purifying fluids and improving processes for over 30 years. Along with providing creative solutions, our goal is to ensure you enjoy working with us. And we realize this can only be achieved by combining quality products together with a quality experience.

Todd Furbee

Todd Furbee, President, Delta Pure Filtration

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