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String Wound Filters – The Best Pre-Filters?

On some levels, string wound filters might be considered to be of unsophisticated technology, but they are often the most intelligent choice. Experienced plant personnel and new-system designers select string wound filters because these filters have proven effective, because advances in the manufacture of string wound filters have continued to advance filter performance, and because this filter design continues to provide value (favorable price/performance ratio).

String wound filters are used for pre-filtration in a myriad of applications, ranging from protecting potable water systems using RO desalination membranes in large municipal water facilities to protecting under-sink RO units in home water systems; from cleaning up amine for gas sweetening in petrochemical plants to chemical filtration in a “tank farm” at pharmaceutical API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) plants; from ensuring circuit board quality in plating solution bath recirculation systems to protecting geological formations via water filtration in a geothermal plant.

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Basics of Filtration

This white paper includes definitions and descriptions of

  • Filtration
  • Separation
  • Pressure drop
  • System pressure drop
  • Cartridge Pressure Drop
  • Housing Pressure Drop
  • Open, Parallel and Series Filtration Systems

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Glossary of Produced Water & Fracking Terms

If you are in the liquid filtration industry but terms like “produced water” and “flowback water” are unclear to you, download and print out our Produced Water and Fracking Terms glossary.

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