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RVD Series Water Filter | Delta Pure FiltrationRVD Series RV & Camper Water Filter

Taste and Odor Water Filters for RVs and Campers
The Delta Pure inline RVD Series RV & Camper Water Filter reduces impurities in potable water used to fill the tanks of recreational vehicles (RVs), campers, boats, trailers, motor homes, and other equipment with temporary water storage.

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ecowound string wound filter | Delta Pure string wound filtersEcoWound™ Produced-Water Filters

Economical, Ecological String Wound Filters
Delta Pure Filtration, an established (30+ years) USA high-capacity manufacturer of string wound and other filters, is helping producers to meet cost reduction challenges by producing the EcoWound™ filter, a highly-effective filter with recycled* fibers. This economical and ecologoical filter uses a recycled* filter medium comprised of recycled polypropylene, polyester and cotton fibers.

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HFH High flow liquid filter housing | Delta Pure string wound filtersHFH Series: High Flow Liquid Housings

High flow liquid filter cartridges
The Delta Pure HFH range of High Flow Filter Housings accepts the Delta Pure DHF High Flow 6” diameter filter cartridge to pre-filter or polish water and other liquids at a typical flow range of 100-3600 gpm (662-13,600 lpm or 6,000-123,400 US bpd).

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DHF high flow liquid filter | Delta Pure string wound filtersDHF Series: Multi-Pleat High Flow Water & Liquid Filtration

High flow liquid filter cartridges
Delta Pure DHF High Flow Filter cartridges process up to 500 GPM (1900 lpm) per filter. Several DHF filtres can be installed in a Delta Pure HFH series housing to purify thousands of GPM of water or process liquid. The Delta Pure High Flow Filter cartridge provide excellent economics and highly efficient (99.98%) removal of designated contaminants.

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DW series string wound filter cartridges | Delta Pure filtration

DW Series

String wound filter cartridges
The DW series is a proven performer in hundreds of fluid filtration applications around the world. With the availability of twelve filtration media, six support core materials and a variety of end fitting options, the DW series filter cartridges are the cartridge of choice for numerous filter applications.

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Melt blown liquid filter cartridges | Delta Pure FiltrationDMB Series

Polypropylene Melt Blown Filter Cartridges
DMB series filter cartridges are polypropylene melt blown depth filters. Delta Pure Filtration employs 100% FDA approved polypropylene, and utilizes a multi-layered construction for progressive contaminant removal efficiency.

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Carbon/Sediment cartridges
DCB and CN04 cartridges are dual media cartridges which provide removal of chlorine, chemical contamination and sediment. The cartridges also improve the taste and odor of water. The CN04 utilizes an inner carbon impregnated media and the DCB has an extruded activate carbon block center core.



DWC series carbon liquid filter cartridge | Delta Pure filtrationDWC Series

Carbon filter cartridges
DWC Series cartridge filters provide removal of chlorine, bad taste and odor, and a wide variety of other contaminants. The DWCC cartridges are an economical solution for potable water and other liquids compatible with Cellulose. The DWCF cartridges contain a coconut carbon impregnated polyester media and offer compatibility with a wide range of liquids such as plating solutions.

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CCB Coconut Carbon Block Filter Cartridges | Delta Pure filtrationCCB Series

Coconut Carbon Block Cartridges
Delta Pure’s solid carbon block cartridges provide effective removal of bad taste, odor, chlorine, and various other chemical contaminants. These cartridges are made from premium activated coconut shell carbon. The CCB cartridges are compatible with a wide variety of fluids, from potable water to plating solutions. The large carbon surface area ensures optimal chemical and physical absorption of contaminants.

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PPA series Pleated Polypropylene Absolute Rated Filter Cartridges | Delta Pure filtrationPPA Series


Pleated Polypropylene Absolute Rated Cartridges
Delta Pure’s PPA Cartridges are designed for use in most applications where absolute rated pleated filtration is required. With 6.5 square feet of filter media per 10 inch length, the PPA Cartridge provides an economical solution for critical applications.

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BCV Series
BCV series Multi-Round Band Clamp Vessel filter housing | Delta Pure Filtration

Multi-Round Band Clamp Vessel
Delta Pure’s BCV multi-round band-clamp cartridge vessels are highly economical solutions for industrial and commercial filtration applications. Complete stainless steel construction and various o-ring materials provide high chemical compatibility and a long service life.

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GPP series Pleated Filter Cartridges | Delta Pure Filtration

Pleated Filter Cartridges
The GPP Series pleated design offers significantly increased surface area and flow capacity when compared to depth type cartridges. All filters are cleanable and reusable and offer high flow rates with low pressure drops.

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DHP series plastic liquid filter housing | Delta Pure filtrationDPH Series

Plastic Filter Housing
Delta Pure offers a wide variety of plastic filter housing for use in industrial, commercial and consumer applications. Our housings are available in reinforced polypropylene, clear Styrene-Acrylonitrile (SAN) and glass reinforced nylon to meet your needs. We offer both 10” and 20” versions of most housings as well as standard (2 1/2”) and Big Blue (4 1/2”) diameters. Housings come with standard 3/4” NPT and 1” NPT connections and can be ordered with an optional pressure relief valve. In addition, Delta Pure offers a wide variety of housing accessories including wrenches, mounting brackets and pressure gauges.


melt blown filter cartridge | Delta Pure FiltrationMC Series

Melt Blown Cartridge With Rigid CoreMelt Blown Cartridges are an economical, disposable, filter element that can be used in numerous applications. Constructed of 100% polypropylene media, the MC depth filter is chemically compatible with a variety of process fluids. The molded core prevents collapse even if subjected to higher temperatures.


- SHJ Series -

SHJ Series Stainless Steel Liquid Filter Housing | Delta Pure filtration

The SHJ Series are industrial filter housings that accommodate 4 1/2” diameter filter cartridges and conform to NSF/ANSI Standard 42. These rugged housings offer all stainless steel construction and have a double o- ring seal. A ring-nut closure allows for easy filter cartridge access.

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SHJ Series Stainless Steel Liquid Filter Housing | Delta Pure filtration
SH Series Stainless Steel Filter Housing

The SH Series are industrial filter housings that accommodate up to 2 3/4 diameter filter cartridges and conform to NSF/ANSI Standard 42.

These rugged housings offer all stainless steel construction and have a double o-ring seal. A ring-nut closure allows for easy filter cartridge access.

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