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The SHU Series Filter Housing | Delta Pure Filtration

SHU Series Stainless Steel Filter Housing

The SHU “Universal” series filter housings combine the robustness of 304 or 316 stainless steel construction with the economics of a streamlined design. These rugged housings are great for commercial hot water, industrial chemical, and other applications requiring a robust filter vessel.

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Delta Pure Filtration a member of the Water Quality Association and sponsor of American Filtration Separations SocietyThis year at Delta Pure Filtration, Ashland, VA, we celebrate our 31st year in the water filtration business! Our thanks to all our Delta Pure customers who have helped make us so successful!
Filter cartridges offer an effective and convenient method for purifying fluids. From improving the taste and quality of water to removing impurities in corrosive solutions,

Delta Pure Filtration has the filter cartridges to improve your process fluid.
Delta Pure manufactures string wound filters, carbon filters, melt blown filters and other quality cartridge filters for water, chemical solutions, plating solutions, waste water and potable water.
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